Thursday, August 15, 2013

When Leo loves Aquarius

Love was a trap I once got you
hidden in the curves of a cliff
When walking all alone was so promising
Love was a trap hard to leave

But days tend to tender the old promises
Days defy the view with wide sea
And windows always opened are still frightening
Locked in a room love can’t be

Time, lazy god, holds his pyres
Burning in the shadows of our sleep
Bending our dreams to his desires
Proving our nature never ceased

It’s known Leo is a sign of fire
It is a fact Aquarius is a sign of wind
When I burn, you blow the pyre
Through your deserts, I heat the breeze

So breath, my old love, fly and breath
Play to the edge of your freedom
Hearts in a cage shall not live
Trapped by a love of no wisdom

If I am doomed to burn, you are cursed to fly
higher than the signs of our birth
Fate hanged our hearts up in the sky
ruling our lives down in the Earth

For every night the stars are still aligned
against the odds of all those evil creeps
I will praise the love that kept us tight
You were free, but caged. I was caged, but free

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